EDP Liability Release Form

I acknowledge that my daughter, son and/or child for whom I have legal
custody has voluntarily applied to engage in dance and dance-related
activities at the premises of the Elevated Dance Project, located at 1396
E. Iron Eagle Drive, Ste 300 Eagle, Idaho 83616.

I am aware that dance and dance-related activities are potentially
hazardous. My son/daughter, and/or child for whom I have legal
custody is voluntarily participating in these activities with knowledge,
both his/hers and mine, of the danger involved, and I hereby agree to
accept any and all risks of injury or death, from any cause or source
whatsoever and verify this statement.

As consideration for my daughter, son or child for whom I have legal
custody being permitted by Elevated Dance Project or one of its
affiliated organizations to participate in these activities and use their
facilities, I hereby agree that I, my child, my assignees, heirs,
distributes, guardians, and legal representatives will not make a claim
against, sue, or attach the property of Elevated Dance Project or any of
its affiliated organizations (or the supplier of any of the equipment used
in these activities) for injury or damage resulting from their negligence
or other acts, howsoever caused, by any employee, agent, director,
officer or contractor of Elevated Dance Project or any of its affiliated
organizations as a result of my participation in dance and dance-related
I hereby agree to hold harmless Elevated Dance Project and its agents
from any and all claims arising out of my child’s participation in any
activities whatsoever. I, and my child, waive any potential claims
against Elevated Dance Project its contractors, employees and agents.
I hereby authorize the Elevated Dance Project, into whose care the
minor has been entrusted, to consent to emergency medical and/or
dental treatment. The authority granted by this authorization includes
the authority to consent to any medical and/or dental treatment on my
child’s behalf under the general or special supervision of a qualified
physician, surgeon or dentist.

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Parent’s Name_________________________________________________

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